Height: 5'7"   |   Eye Color: Brown   |   Hair Color: Brown


ICEBERGS                                                    Abigail                      Dayton Theatre Guild

AMERICAN LA RONDE                        Famous Singer               Baldwin Wallace University

POOF                                                           Loureen                     Baldwin Wallace University

HENRY V PART I                                 Richard Plantagenet         Baldwin Wallace University

WEIMAR (WORLD PREMIERE)                   Zee/Bibi                    Baldwin Wallace University

BREACH                                                         Violet                       Baldwin Wallace University

THE…TOXIC AVENGER                           Mayor/Ma                  Sinclair Community College

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 Training & Workshops 

Baldwin Wallace University BFA Acting

Acting: Brennan Murphy, Laura Welsh Berg, Anjanette Hall, Victoria Bussert, Leilani Barrett 

Dance: Sarah Whale (ballet), Annika Sheaf (modern)

Voice: Matthew Webb, Tracy Grady

Stage Combat: Dustin Welch

Sinclair Community College Associate of Arts

Acting: Kimberly Borst, Nelson Sheeley

Voice: David McKibben

Dance: Erin Robbins (ballet), Rodney Veal (jazz)

Theatre Technology and History: Gina Neuerer, Daniel Brunk

 Special Skills 

Improvisation, Sports (Volleyball, Softball), Basic Tumbling, Robotics, Stage Combat (hand to hand, sword and shield), dialect (AAVE)

Keum Photography| Sha-Lemar Davis Actor
Keum Photography| Sha-Lemar Davis Actor
Sha-Lemar-78.jpgKeum Photography| Sha-Lemar Davis Actor
Photos: Keum Photography 

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